Things To Do On a Rainy Day—Discover Montreal’s Underground City

There are approximately 33 kilometers of passageways both below and above ground. These pedestrian-oriented walkways let you access all kinds of great shopping and entertainment options.
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5 Tips For Travelling Solo—How To Stay Safe In Montreal

Travelling solo requires a few things to make it safe and enjoyable. We’ll set down a few guidelines in this article for travelling solo safely. As far as Montreal goes, you’ll find it to be a very open and welcoming city, to all types of travelers.

5 Of The Best Montreal Coffee Shops For Students

From tiny hole-in-the-wall shops to expansive high-end barista wielding cafes, Montreal is a full cup when it comes to coffee. We’ve put together a small sampling of our local coffee shops worth your visit.
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Montreal Impact
From March to October

Stade Saputo
4750 Sherbrooke Street East
Montréal, Québec, H1V 3S8
​Telephone: 1 866 955-4672

Montréal Canadiens
From October to April

Centre Bell
1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, H4B 5G0
​Telephone: 1 800 363-3723

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